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Dec 2, 2012 9:00am PST
-priced medicare prescription drug plan. with a low $18.50 monthly plan premium, select generic hypertension drugs for only a penny and in-store copays as low as one dollar on other generic drugs after deductible, saving on your medicare prescriptions is easy. so you're free to focus on the things that really matter. call humana at 1-800-808-4003. or go to for details. >>> welcome back to "weekends with alex witt." at the half hour now, much of northern california is taking cover from a storm that's dropping intense rain, flooding, mud slides all a concern across the golden state. but on the east coast, eerie fog greeted them. this is the view from times square. dylan dreyer is here with more details. >> we were talking about record-breaking high temperatures in the middle. so things are all over the place. and the main focus is what is going on across northern california. the good news is the heaviest of the rain that we saw is starting to push east. even tomorrow in san francisco, we'll see some sunshine before another round of heavy rain moves in tuesday night into wednesday morning
Dec 8, 2012 9:00am PST
. but we've got to look very carefully at the entitlements and realize that something like medicare, medicare right now you've got a situation where there's not a whole whole lot to cut. i mean, you can cut with regard to renegotiating these rates, putting rates for pharmaceutical products with these various pharmacies. i mean we could save a lot of money there. i think the other thing mark zandy said just yesterday, as you know he was the adviser to mccain, he said in a hearing yesterday that the affordable care act is having some impact on possibly reducing the inflation rate of medical costs in medicare. and he believes that one of the things we have to do is we have to strengthen the affordable care act so that we are concentrating on keeping people well. it's cheaper to keep them well. far more costly when they get sick. and if we can keep them well, that will bring down the cost of medicare at the same time. so yeah, there are many things that we can do. we can make that medicare system much more efficient and effective. and i believe the president is committed to doing that.
Dec 9, 2012 9:00am PST
government growth in our country, we know this, it's social security and medicare. so, what they want is something in writing from the white house. again, what they have to do is say we are committed and serious about entitlement reform. >> even if the president and the speaker reach a compromise, is there a guarantee, though, that this will go through congress? if they can come to a deal, do you think the other underwork is done? >> no. already, there has been chatter that an initial vote could go down on the house floor like we saw the bank bailout go down in late 2008. that's why these negotiations are taking place in private because these two sides don't want to see all of this opposition come from the rank and file and strong arm numbers into volting for it because they have to so we don't go over the fiscal cliff later. >> i want to jump on to the next topic chlgt this has been a big one. robert, i start with you, history in the making with the latest poll showing a reversal in attitudes toward marriage equality. 37% thought same-sex marriage should be legal in 2004, now 53% are
Search Results 0 to 3 of about 4 (some duplicates have been removed)